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NYU is located on the east side of mid-town Manhattan, one of the five boroughs of New York City. Specific information about the various neighborhoods within Manhattan and close-by areas in Brooklyn and Queens is available at:

To learn more about the unparalleled myriad of cultural, social and educational opportunities available in NYC, e.g. world-class museums, libraries, theater, dance, music and sporting events, visit the official NYC website at:

NYU School of Medicine operates a Student Activities Office in the Lower Deans’ Office to provide greater access to these events in the way of discounted tickets and other offerings.

Getting Around

One of the best things about NYC is that you’re never too far from anywhere, and even if you are, there are several good ways of getting there. When getting around the city from the Medical Center, the first thing to remember is that Manhattan Island is not quite as large as it looks at first glance. If you like walking, in 30 minutes you can cross the island completely from east-west, and cover up to 30 blocks north-south, which means that a number of places are within walking distance.

If walking is not your thing, then there are several alternatives. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) offers public subways, buses and train services, full details of which can all be found at addition, the yellow cabs can be hailed twenty-four hours a day. From the Medical Center, NYU operates a shuttle bus service to other NYU sites, which is free to any NYU ID cardholder. The buses make several stops along their routes, so this may be one free way for you to get where you’re going. Full service listings and schedules for NYU transportation can be obtained at

Public Subways and Buses in NYC cost $2.25 per ride, however you can make one transfer between services for no charge, up to two hours after your paid fare. A good way of saving money is to buy a Metrocard. For information on the different types of Metrocard, visit our maps on the following pages to help plan where you want to go.

Yellow cabs are both loved and hated by New Yorkers. They provide a more convenient but expensive way of getting around, particularly to and from airports. If you hail one, be aware; the surcharge is $2.50, plus 0.40¢ per 1/5 mile or 120s, whichever is quicker. After 8.00pm, there is an extra 0.50¢ charge. In a nutshell, a crosstown journey is around $6-7, including a gratuity for the driver.


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