Management and Leadership Skills

NYU postdocs are encouraged to attend our lab management training and leadership workshops hosted by the Postdoctoral Office. These include:


  • The Laboratory Management Series (STAR Series) – This short course will introduce the academic career path, beginning with the job application process and continuing to address negotiation, laboratory set-up, running a laboratory, obtaining funding, and dealing with the people in your laboratory. The course is composed of six sessions, each covering one topic and lasting one hour. Additionally, participating in the class gives you priority access to related career development sessions that will be held over the next year, including sessions on Myers-Briggs Personality Assessments, Chalk Talks, and Conflict Resolution. Click here for the 2014 syllabus information.

  • The Business of Science For Scientists: Preparing for Leadership Positions in your Professional Career- Traditional graduate and post-graduate programs focus primarily on developing scientists technical identity by training scientists to think analytically, but often neglect to develop their business and social identities. Communications, performance management, team building are critical skills in order to be competitive outside academia. This program introduces the key competencies that are valued by hiring organizations for entry-level positions, the first 18 months of employment and essentials for career development.  Based on the SciPhD training program, this course focuses on 24 essential core competencies valued by industry, relates those competencies to activities and behaviors commonly experienced by academic scientists through the scientific method, and demonstrates how those competencies work together to form the operational competencies that are essential in business.  CLICK ME for the 2014 syllabus.