Fundamentals of Teaching Course

Course Description 

Most academic jobs have two major components, research and teaching. Yet, much of our graduate education focuses on how to perform research, with little prominence on teaching and pedagogy. However, we are often expected to demonstrate good teaching skills, and have a teaching portfolio on hand for job applications and for obtaining tenure. This proposed course will present fundamental concepts in the design and implementation of teaching courses geared towards college-level and post-graduate level education. There will be an emphasis on how to teach scientific content successfully. Topics will include cognitive hierarchies, adult learning, course, lesson and syllabus design, design of Teaching Portfolio, lecture hall strategies, active learning strategies, formative and summative assessment techniques. Students in the course will implement many of the learning theories taught during the class with the final goal being the development of a course syllabus, a lesson plan for one class, and a 15-minute teachable unit. After completion of the course, there will be teaching opportunities available for the Spring semester. 

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