Responsible Conduct in Research

 Course Description

The purpose of this course is to familiarize postdoctoral and predoctoral trainees (including MD/PhD candidates) with basic ethical issues confronting scientists in biomedical science research. The course includes reading, lectures, and movies combined with discussion sections. Each student is assigned to a discussion section, and is required to attend all 9 sessions of the course. Attendance is taken, and students missing more than two sessions must retake the course. If a student misses a discussion section, they are required to complete a 2-page essay on the case study assigned by the section leader (due by the next discussion section). Trainees in certain programs are required to retake the course every 4 years.

The course addresses ethical considerations for human and animal subjects, scientific integrity in data management, analysis, authorship, and publication.
Additional topics include peer review, scientific fraud, conflict of interest, mentoring, intellectual property, collaborations (including industry) and the role of scientists in society.

The course is designed to meet or exceed all NIH requirements for instruction in the responsible conduct of research, as updated in NOT-OD-10-019 Nov. 24,

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