Scientists Training as Academic Researchers

Course Description 

The purpose of this course is to introduce and familiarize postdoctoral trainees with both the process of obtaining a principle investigator position at academic institutions and the skills required to be an effective, independent investigator. Course participants will be evaluated based on participation, so the class size will be limited to 20 people. The instructor's permission is required for registration. The course is broken into eight formal sessions of 90 minutes, which are complemented with optional (but recommended) practical sessions throughout the year. The formal sessions are as follows:
1.  Deciding on an academic career: selection criteria, application assembly, and interviews
2.  Negotiation and Laboratory Set-­‐up
3.  Establishing a laboratory: The Mission and Direction
4.  Funding
5.  Situational Leadership
6.  Mentoring 

The formal course will be supplemented with practical sessions, which include:

1.  Chalk Talks: Assembling and Presenting
2.  Myers-­‐Briggs Personality Assessments
3.  Structure and Function of Study Sessions
4.  Conflict Management

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