Benefits and Enrollment

Most postdocs are eligible for a comprehensive benefit plan including health, prescription drug and dental coverage for the postdoc as well as eligible dependents. If a postdoc is funded by an NRSA fellowship benefits that a postdoc are eligible to receive will be taxable and access to some benefits may be restricted.

New postdocs will meet with the NYU School of Medicine’s Benefits Services Representative who will provide an orientation to postdocs regarding all their benefits and provide them with all the necessary enrollment material. Within 30 days of the date on the benefits worksheet, the postdoc must enroll for benefits and follow instructions in the packet or the enrollment window will lapse and default coverage will be issued for the postdoc only. After enrollment, the postdoc may check their enrollment status on the web. If for some reason, you have not been scheduled an appointment with a Benefits Services Representative prior to or soon after your arrival at NYU School of Medicine, please contact Human Resources at (212) 404-3928 to arrange a meeting.

After web enrollment and completion of any required forms are submitted, the NYU School of Medicine’s Benefits Services Department will arrange for the transmittal of health plan information to the insurance carriers that were chosen. The new health plan carrier will then mail ID cards and membership information to the postdoc’s home within three to four weeks of completing the enrollment process.

Waivers, Open Enrollment and Qualifying Life Events

A postdoc who wants to waive coverage at the School must demonstrate that she/he has alternate health insurance. If a postdoc waives coverage, she/he cannot change the waiver status until the next “Open Enrollment” except for a qualifying life event (i.e. birth, death, divorce, marriage, etc.). The NYU School of Medicine’s Benefits Services Department (see contact list at the end of the handbook) must be notified of a qualifying life event within 30 days of the date of the event.

Insurance Notice for Foreign Nationals

Additional insurance requirements may affect foreign national visa holders and their families who are not paid directly by NYU School of Medicine. NYU School of Medicine Benefit Plans are not available to those postdocs who are funded by a non-NYU School of Medicine source. For further information about alternate medical insurance options for foreign nationals funded by non-NYUSOM sources, call the Immigration Services Department.

Faculty and Staff Assistance Plan

The Faculty And Staff Assistance Program (FASAP) is a short-term, confidential, counseling, information, and referral service with professional counselors to assist with resolving the concerns that may affect personal relationships, emotional well-being and work performance. Contact Corporate Counseling Associates at 1-800-833-8707 or their website at


After one year of employment with NYUSM, postdocs are eligible for two weeks of vacation per year. Any unused vacation time does not carry over from year to year. Additional time off is at the discretion of the principal investigator since it is predicated on the operational needs of the laboratory. Any unused vacation time is not payable upon termination, and does not carry over from year to year.

Sick Days and Medical Leaves of Absence

In recognition of the training nature of the position, absence and payment due to the occasional illness is at the discretion of the postdoc’s mentor. The postdoc must notify his/her principal investigator when she or he is unable to come to work. Any absence extending for more than seven days needs to be reported by the Department Administrator to NYU School of Medicine’s Benefits Services Department with a “Disability Notification Form”. Postdoctoral fellows facing extended absences for maternity leave, personal health and caretaking may be covered under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). More information about leaves of absence, including FMLA, can be found starting on page 17 of the Postdoctoral Handbook.

Perks and Discounts 

To review a list of postdoc perks and discounts, including free memberships and discounts on car rentals and wireless services, click here.

Discounted Business Cards

Need business cards printed before your next conference or interview?

All NYU Postdocs can receive a discounted pricing for business cards. The offer allows you to receive 500 business cards for the special price of $18.00. If you are interested in obtaining business cards at the discounted rate, please complete the business card request form found here.

You may return this form along with the $18.00 payment to the NYU Postdoctoral Program Office, located at 540 1st Avenue, Skirball Institute 3rd Floor. You will be notified when your cards are ready for pickup. Please allow at least 2 weeks for printing.

Any questions please email us at: or call (212) 501-0130.