Postdoc Camping Trip

Postdoc Camping Trip


Last summer, we had our first-ever camping trip and it was a great success!  Fourteen postdocs spent two days and nights getting to know each other and enjoying great weather and a lot of great hiking! We are going a little earlier this year, and to a different campground in the Catskills, but the basic plans for the trip are the same.

We will be going to Woodland Valley on Friday, June 14th and staying two nights.  We plan to leave from NYU Med Center early afternoon on the 14th.  We should be back by late afternoon on Sunday, June 16th. The cost will be $100 per person (this is maximum cost, we will try to make it less) and includes the campsite, transportation, and meals.  You should plan to bring extra food for between meal snacks.  This is car camping, which means we can bring plenty of things to be comfortable, but we will be sleeping in tents on the ground. The campground does have running water, hot showers and proper toilets, so it's got just enough civilization for most people to manage for two days, but it's not a luxury hotel.

If you have a car and are willing to help with transportation, then you only have to pay for a share of the food cost.

If you need a sleeping bag or other gear, that will be an extra cost but we will try to work something out to make the cost minimal.  REI rents camping gear that is good quality and reasonably priced.

Woodland Valley Campground, is smaller and quieter than North-South Lake (where we went last year), and the only real activity is hiking.  There is a small river that runs through the camp, which is fun to walk along and provides a wonderful white noise for sleeping, and the hikes are beautiful but not so easy.  I would say this is an ideal trip for people who have some experience camping and hiking, but we will do everything possible to make sure everyone has a great time!  We will schedule an information session a few weeks before the trip to make sure everyone knows what to bring and can get all their questions answered.

You can view pictures from our previous trip here, the area is incredibly beautiful and the views are amazing! To allow the most participation, we are limiting everyone to one guest.  If you have a group you'd like to bring, get in touch with me directly and we'll try to make arrangements.  Last year the trip filled up very quickly, so sign up now and mark your calendars for June 14-16!

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Time: 8:00 pm Jun 14 to 8:00 pm Jun 16