Frequently Asked Questions

Useful Phone Numbers:

Payroll: 7-4515
Immigration Services: 3-8081
Grants Administration: 3-8822
Housing & Real Estate Services: 3-5025

Human Resources: 4-3857 

Library: 3-5397

Security (Emergency Calls): 7-3000

How do I apply for housing?

Please visit the Postdoctoral Housing site for appropriate forms. All applicants should fill out both the Housing Application and Housing Applicant Questionnaire and fax these to the NYU School of Medicine Housing Office.

How do I obtain a U.S. credit card without any U.S. credit history?

Citibank (and perhaps other banks in the city) offers an UNSECURED CREDITCARD, which simply means, that the holder puts up a deposit first (versus the secured card which allows for charges to be made before a bill is sent.) The minimum deposit at Citibank is $300 for this card. After 18 months the card becomes secured (thus giving you U.S. credit) and your deposit is returned. The only thing to watch out for are the interest rates on this card... it is very possible that the UNSECURED card has much higher rates than the SECURED card. All that is needed is to fill out an application at Citibank-- I'm not sure that you even need a U.S. bank account. You must maintain a minimum household income of $8,000. If you have any further detailed questions you might want to try: Citibank Customer Service at 212-627-3999

How do I access the sites linked to the postdoc pages without a password?

Any NYUMC computer will allow free access to the appropriate links. Outside computer users will have to obtain personal passwords for any relevant information.

What is the situation with tax exempt status?

If you are identified as a tax exempt employee as a result of your foreign status and tax treaty this information will be made available to Payroll by Immigration Services. (It may be in your best interest to make certain yourself that Payroll has acquired the paperwork.) Once Payroll receives this documentation YOU SHOULD BE TAXED/NOT TAXED ACCORDING TO THE GUIDELINES OF YOUR TREATY. ***Please note that tax treaties differ from one country to the next-- some are time sensitive, meaning that you may be exempt for a certain number of years only. Also, be aware that each treaty may hold different rulings on different taxes (Federal, FICA, State, City, etc.).-- you may be required to pay taxes to your own country, depending on your treaty. Finally, be aware of any differences that may exist between NYU funding and external funding. In order to ensure that you are being paid correctly... ***MAKE SURE THAT YOU UNDERSTAND YOUR TAX ANALYSIS BEFORE LEAVING IMMIGRATION SERVICES. ***LOOK OVER YOUR PAYCHECK VERY CAREFULLY EACH TIME TO ENSURE THAT YOUR PAYMENT REFLECTS WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN TOLD. THIS MAY BE A TEDIOUS PROCEDURE, BUT IT IS IMPORTANT TO YOUR FINANCIAL WELL-BEING. In closing, if you find any discrepancies between your tax analysis from Immigration Services and your paycheck please speak to someone in Payroll immediately as to avoid future problems.

How do I find out about benefits?

For information on Medical and Dental benefits please contact Human Resources at x43857. Note: there are different benefit packages for postdocs depending upon titles, funding sources, etc.

Where can I find an affordable gym in the area?

The COLES RECREATION CENTER at NYU downtown is opened for membership at a low fee (see Human Resources) and NYU offers a shuttle that runs from the Medical Center (on a convenient schedule) down to Washington Square for free. This may be an option for you. The ASSER LEVY GYM is run by the City of New York Department of Parks and Recreation, and is located on 23rd between 1st and the FDR (just behind the V.A. Hospital). Membership is $25 for twelve months!!!! and members can use any City of New York Recreation Center in all five boroughs with this membership. The Center has indoor and outdoor facilities, including a weight room, swimming pool, etc., and classes (yoga, aerobics, karate, etc.) for a small fee. Asher Levy accepts checks/money orders only -- no cash -- and you must present two picture I.D.'s at the time of registration (M-F 6:30AM-9:30PM). For more information call: 447-2020.

If you have any comments or questions about the Postdoc Council/ Postdoc Program/ or life as an NYU School of Medicine Postdoc in general, please contact a member of the Council.