NYU Housing and NYU Affiliated Housing Options

NYU School of Medicine determines housing priority for newly-hired post-doctoral research fellows based primarily on the date the housing application is received. Please note that postdoctoral housing is not guaranteed upon arrival. If an offer cannot be provided to coincide with the arrival date, the application will be held in queue until such time that an offer can be made. Submitting your application four months prior to arrival at NYU will give you the best chance of receiving an offer.

*All postdoc housing applications must be submitted to the Postdoctoral Program Office
where they are reviewed and then forwarded to the NYU Housing Office for processing. A complete application must include the following:

  1. A Housing Application Form, which can be found in the Forms section below.
  2. An offer letter from the Postdoc's Primary Investigator (PI), indicating the position, title, salary and duration of the offered position.
  3. The applicant's CV, which must include education details, and list any postdoctoral experience. For MD applicants, please clarify any time spent in residency training positions.

All materials MUST be submitted together to the Postdoctoral Program Office via email to postdochousing@nyumc.org. Please note that an incomplete application will be NOT be forwarded on to housing for final processing.


Conditions of Assignment

Eligible postdoctoral research fellows will receive a housing offer based on housing availability approximately 30 days prior to the anticipated arrival date and will have the opportunity to accept a single offer of housing. An offer is based on availability and occupancy requirements; not building preference, apartment location within a building, nor any other building/apartment criteria. The assignment offered will be one in which the applicant's family status corresponds to the occupancy requirements. Individuals who decline a legitimate offer of housing will be removed from the list for housing and will not be eligible to reapply for housing at a later date. 

Leases are offered for a one-year term and may not be terminated prior to the expiration of the first one-year term, unless employment in this housing-eligible position ends. No leases are offered for less than a one-year term.

Housing Priorities

  • Applications from incoming foreign postdocs
  • Applications from incoming domestic postdocs
  • Applications received with 4 months notice
  • Applications from incoming postdocs received with <4 months notice

Off-Campus Housing Assistance Information

The Housing Services website includes a tab for off-campus housing created to assist navigating the challenging New York City apartment market. The website provides information on neighborhoods, transportation options, management companies, hotels and other relocation information. 

Please visit: http://redaf.med.nyu.edu/och